Student Governance Association

We Encourage Student Leadership

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At the Calgary Islamic School, we believe in giving our students a voice and instilling in them a passion to be involved with their school community. It is evident that students are at the forefront of understanding the needs of making their school into an environment that promotes a safe and healthy learning environment. For this reason, the SGA is composed of student representatives from each grade in upper elementary to high school to share their voice and make the difference they would like to be.

Elected members of the Student Government Association do more than just represent the student body to administration. SGA is responsible for shaping some of the student experience at Calgary Islamic School. This highly active and visible organization serves the entire student body by sponsoring and organizing activities that range from extra-curricular activities to fundraising and sports events. Our SGA is composed of High School students that work closely with students in different grades in support of a number of school spirit activities and resources.