School Council


In conjunction with Calgary Islamic Schools mission to develop an enriched learning community that promotes academic achievement, leadership, and Islamic views.  The mission of Akram Joma'a School Council is to foster the Islamic well-being and effectiveness of our school community and to enhance student learning and create opportunities for meaningful engagement for parents. Therefore, with the collaboration of parents, school administration, and Palliser School Board we hope to take CIS to a higher level of excellence.  We look forward to your continuous support and we encourage you to join us in our future endeavors.


School Council Members:  

► Brother Ramy Elhamalawy, Principal

► Brother Shazad Rahamatullah, Chairman

► Brother Omar El-Hajjar, Vice-Chair
Brother Mahmoud Mourra, Treasurer
Sister Amal Assef, Secretary
► Brother Hussein Borhot, Project Committee
► Sister Fatimeh Rakie, Learning Committee
► Sister Mariam Abdallah, Student Health & Wellness Committee
► Sister Danya Hassoun, School Spirit Committee
Sister Mona Hajar, Volunteer Committee
► Brother Omar Ayedi, Teacher Representative

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