The Whole Child, The Whole Way

High School Parent Teacher Interviews

Posted on Oct. 26, 2021

As-Salamu `Alaykum Dear Parents, High School (Grade 9-12) Parent-Teacher Interviews are on their way! To book an interview with your child's teacher, please click on the…

Drop-Off & Pick-Up Times (All Year)

Posted on Aug. 29, 2021

It is extremely important that everyone adheres to the correct drop-off and pick-up times. Please be neither early or late. These timings will be used everyday for the entire…

First Week of School

Posted on Aug. 29, 2021

During the first week of school only, we are limiting the number of students in the building to allow our students and families to be well prepared for the school year. …

Bus Request Form

Posted on Aug. 24, 2021

As-Salamu `Alaykum Dear Parents, If you require school bus service for your children this year, please complete the form below. After you complete the form, someone will…