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Planting Olive Trees in Gaza


As we approach the end of the blessed month of Ramadan, we wanted to share with you an amazing opportunity to bring blessings and goodness to our entire school community. What better way to request from Allah an increase in blessings for our Calgary Islamic School community than to do good for other communities? 

 وَيُؤْثِرُونَ عَلَىٰٓ أَنفُسِهِمْ وَلَوْ كَانَ بِهِمْ خَصَاصَةٌ 

Those that prefer others above themselves even though they are in need. 

QURAN 59:9

The Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him, informed us that, "The most beloved people to Allah, are those who bring the most benefit to others."



Our school has purchased 50 bottles of Palestinian olive oil from Islamic Relief. This oil is made from olives that have been farmed and harvested by Palestinian farmers and for every single bottle we purchased, Islamic Relief will insha'Allah be planting an olive tree in Palestine to help support local farmers.


Wait...there's more...

We have also packaged the bottles of olive oil and are shipping them across the country to 100 Islamic Schools and Quran schools as a Sadaqah Jariyah for those communities. Our hope is that Allah, the Most Generous, the Most Merciful, will bestow His Favour, Blessings, and Generosity upon our students, staff, parents and entire community. We beg Allah, the Most Merciful, that through this act of goodness, He forgives all of our sins, purifies our hearts, and protects our entire community from any harm, trials and tribulations and elevates our school to be the standard of Islamic School education in North America.


Akram-Jomaa families are given the exclusive opportunity to sponsor as many bottles of oil as you can. Each bottle plus shipping will cost approximately $40. This is the last Friday in the blessed month of Ramadan, so let's make it count! 


How fast can we get to $2000? Click on the LaunchGood link below now to donate.!/

Tax receipts will be issued by Islamic Relief insha'Allah.

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