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Parent-Teacher Interviews

As-Salamu `Alaykum Dear Parents,

To book an interview with your child's teacher, please click on the teacher's name that you wish to book with and select an appointment from the available time slots.

After you book an appointment, the teacher will update you with a "google meet link" that is exclusively for your meeting.

The teacher's names are organized in alphabetical order by the teacher's last name.

Ms.Amna Ahmed - Grade 5A
Ms. Nafisa Ahmed - Grade 4B
Mrs. Razan Aiad - Arabic/Islamic Studies/Quran
Mrs. Ghada Aly - Science 9 and CALM, Learning Support Teacher
Mrs. Shahrzad Amiry- Grade 1B
Dr. Seyit Atabayev - HS Mathematics
Mr. Omar Ayedi - Grade 8 Social/JH PE and Grade 9 PE
Mrs. Huwaida Ba-Saddik - Mathematics 10 and Grade 8 Science and Mathematics
Mrs. Sarah Beauferris - Grade 7 Social, HS Humanities
Mrs. Fatima Chehade - Arabic/Islamic Studies/Quran
Mr. Youssef Chehade - Grade 3A
Mrs. Badia Cheranek - Grade 8 and 9 Arabic
Mrs. Gopika Chetty- HS Humanities
Mrs. Henna Choudhary - Grade 7 ELA
Mrs. Shafiya Contractor - Grade 1C
Mrs. Mona Dassouki - Grade 2A
Mrs. Ruba El-Kadri - Grade 7 Arabic/Islamic Studies/Quran
Ms. Abir Eldessouki - Arabic/Islamic Studies/Quran
Ms. Nesmah Elkestawi - Science 9 and HS VP
Mr. Mustafa Elrafih - HS Mathematics
Mrs. Kaniz Fatima - Grade 2C
Mrs. Nancy Ferris - Grade 5B
Mr. Ryan Fournier- HS Chemistry
Mrs. Charlene Foster- HS Career Councilor
Mr.Haidar Hammoud - Islamic Studies/Quran
Mrs. Hanan Haydar - Social 8A and Elementary VP
Mrs. Hala Haymour - Arabic/Islamic Studies/Quran
Ms. Nada Hussain - Grade 6C
Mr. Mohamed Ibrahim- Arabic/Islamic Studies/Quran
Mr. Farzeen Jinnah - Grade 2B
Ms.Hana Kadaoui - HS Humanities
Ms. Eman Kadri- HS Humanities
Mr. Ousama Kadri - Grade 8 Mathematics
Mr. Ahmed Khalid - HS Biology and CALM
Mrs. Sarah Khan- Grade 6A
Mr. Gordon Lust- Grade 4C
Mrs. Mahera Sadek- Grade 7D & 7E Science and Mathematics
Mr. Munir Mahtab - Grade 8 ELA
Mrs. Fatiha Menecer - Grade 7D &7E Arabic/Islamic Studies/Quran
Mrs. Angela Mentis - Grade 6B
Ms. Farrah Mian - Grade 1A
Mrs. Nadia Ali - Grade 4A
Ms. Suzan Najmeddine - Grade KG B
Mrs. Jyothi Nambiar - Grade 7 Science and Mathematics
Mrs. Funmi Olubiyi - HS Humanities and Business
Mrs. Rana Omar - Grade 7D&7E Humanities
Mrs. Rozina Punjwani - Grade 3C
Mrs. Shabana Rahman - Grade 2D
Ms. Umuaiman Samari - KG A
Mrs. Abeer Sharanek - Grade 3B
Mrs. Nermin Skaik - Grade 8 Arabic/Islamic Studies/Quran
Mrs. Najia Znaidi - Arabic


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