Online Learning: FAQ's

What if I want to switch between online and in-class learning?

If you would like to switch from online to in-class learning or vice-versa, parents are required to provide the school with two weeks notice. To do so, please send an email to your child's homeroom teacher. This will enable a smooth transition between the two learning environments.

We are aware that our life circumstances can change rapidly in today's world, and as such, we wish to be as flexible as possible in supporting our families. However, we ask that you try your best to commit to staying with one of the options as long as possible. Our preferred option is that your children join us at school for in-class learning.

If we chose to do online learning, will we lose our spot at Akram-Jomaa?

Families that choose to learn online with Akram Jomaa and pay their society fees, will certainly not lose their spot. However, if a family chooses to learn online with another school or with Palliser Beyond Borders, we will be required to replace your child with another student and we will not reserve your spot.

You would then need to submit an application form and admissions would depend on the number of available seats and it is offered to the students at the top of the list.

Will the school be providing Chromebooks to students working online?

Unlike the emergency at-home learning that took place in the spring of 2020, we will not be providing families with Chromebooks, if they choose to learn online. Since in-class learning is open and learning online is a voluntary choice, parents are expected to provide their child(ren) with their own personal device (laptop, Chromebook, desktop) that will not be shared during the learning day. Parents also need to ensure there is a reliable internet connection at home. 

Will students be connected to their homeroom class or be in a separate online-only class?

This depends on the number of students in each grade that opt to learn online. However, the majority of students will be connected to their homeroom class where the teacher will be leading the in-class environment and either live-streaming lessons or posting videos on Google Classroom for students to watch.

How do I register for online learning?

To register your child in online learning, please fill out the "Online Learning Registration Form" and an administrator will be in touch with you in the coming days.

How often will students be connected online with their teacher?

Unlike the emergency at-home learning period that began in March, online students will be responsible for all curricular outcomes and assessments.

  • Students in Grades 1-6 will be required to engage online for approximately 3-5 hours/day for live class instruction and independent work.
  • Students in Grades 7-9 will be required to engage online for approximately 5-7 hours/day online for live class instruction and independent work.
  • Students in Grades 10-12 will be required to engage online for 80min/day/course for live class instruction as well as approximately 2hrs/day/course for independent course work.

What will be the yearly society fee for 2020-2021?

More info coming soon...

Will online learning classes take place at the same time as in-class learning?

Teachers will be providing learning opportunities live and through videos as well as other mediums. Teachers will utilize Google Classrooms for each of their courses where they will be posting video recordings, lessons, assignments, and resources per course.

Are there any additional fees for the online learning option?

Other than the regular society fee that is paid every year, there are no additional fees for online learning. 

Will the staff from Akram-Jomaa be the main teachers for online students, or will they be from PBB?

Teachers from Akram-Jomaa will be the only teachers for online learning if you register through the form provided.

What if I decide to join PBB instead of Akram-Jomaa?

We certainly respect the right of a family to select the school that educates their children. However, families who decide to join Palliser Beyond Borders for their online instruction will not be considered a member of our school, Akram-Jomaa. As such, their spot for the coming years will be replaced and parents will need to follow the standard admissions procedure to have their children re-admitted.

What is the difference between Synchronous and Asynchronous learning?

Synchronous learning is when the student is connected live with the teacher/classroom.

Asynchronous is when the learning opportunity is uploaded and the student can engage with it at their own time.